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Corrected Error

A user pointed out that there was a mistake on the fourth grade page in fractions multiplication worksheets (integer times fraction multiplication).  Problem #1 on each of the worksheets was wrong.  This has been corrected. Thanks to that user for pointing this out.  Mistakes do happen when I’m converting these worksheets into .pdf format, so … Continue reading

More word problems

Word problems: you’ll be seeing more of these in all of the grade levels. In third grade kids start cranking up the pre-algebra skills and need to start thinking in terms of algebraic expressions.  Standard Skill 3.OA.D.8 reinforces this.  There’s a new worksheet on the fourth grade page that helps kids practice:

4,000 worksheets downloaded…word problems…and more on CCSS

Word problems:  You’ll start noticing this “word” icon appearing next to new worksheets on the grade 1 through 4 pages.  These are word problems – an important tool for reinforcing mathematics concepts.  I’ll be adding more word problems in the week to come but for now there are at least a few available. Common Core … Continue reading

Teaching prime numbers

Grade school kids have algebra looming in their immediate future, so they’re gonna have to learn about factoring.  A critical first step is understanding prime numbers.   [CCSS Standard.4.OA.B.4] Prime numbers, essentially, are the components from which integers are constructed.  A prime number is a number, greater than 1, that can only be evenly divided by … Continue reading

Mental mathematical muscle memory

I’m reading Robert Green’s book Mastery, which includes case studies (from Martha Graham to Michael Faraday to Benjamin Franklin) on attaining mastery.  Where Malcolm Gladwell took an academic/journalistic approach to a similar subject in his excellent book Outliers, in Mastery Green takes a deeper dive, highlighting traits to emulate. One passage resonated with me as … Continue reading

Place Value Models

Place value models are an intuitive way of helping kids conceptualize numbers.  And as an added bonus they reinforce geometrical concepts that will be useful later one.  Two-for-one learning…can’t be beat. There are four types of groupings you’ll find in these worksheets: Units: single bocks (1’s) Rods: rows of ten units (10’s) Flats:  groups of … Continue reading

Fact Triangles

Check out the fact triangles worksheets on the first grade worksheet page. Fact triangles do a couple of important things.  First, they reinforce a critical first grade objective: memorizing addition facts with sums up to 18.  But in addition they also start to reinforce in your first grader the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. … Continue reading

A common standard for mathematics education

I mentioned in a recent post that the worksheets on this website are based largely on the standards published by the State of Virginia, augmented by materials from Texas and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  This, in large part, is because those are the two states in which I most recently lived. Another approach is the approach … Continue reading

New long division worksheets

On the fourth grade page…

Math clock…

If you’re the kind of person who reads a blog about math worksheet then perhaps you’ll think that this is interesting: a clock that uses only the number nine to represent the digits 1 through 12. You may note that some of the entries aren’t consistent with the ideal that the simplest solution is the … Continue reading

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