Practical Skills

practicalTelling Time

ClockCompare analog and digital clocks:   Version1     Version2     Version3     Version4     Version5

Tell time to the nearest half hour:  Version1     Version2     Version3     Version4     Version5

To the nearest five minutes:    Version1     Version2     Version3     Version4     Version5

Now you draw the clock!     Version1     Version2     Version3     Version4     Version5

Counting Money

Money worksheetHow much money (small sums)?     Version1     Version2     Version3     Version4     Version5

Coins under $1.00:     Version1     Version2     Version3     Version4     Version5

Coins over $1.00:     Version1    Version2    Version3     Version4     Version5

Compare and count coins (small sums):    Version1      Version2      Version3      Version4      Version5

Make a sum with the fewest number of coins

How many quarters/dimes/nickels/pennies does it take to make a sum?

Up to 25¢:    Version1     Version2     Version3     Version4     Version5

Up to 50¢:    Version1     Version2     Version3     Version4     Version5

Up to 99¢:    Version1     Version2     Version3     Version4     Version5

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