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School BusFirst Grader

first gradeFirst Grade Skills:

counting and skip counting.  addition with pictures and sentences

number sense, adding zeros and doubles, adding multiple numbers

subtraction, ways to make a number, counting by tens and hundreds,

introduction to fractions…and more!

second gradeSecond Grade Skills:

odd and even numbers, comparing numbers, ordering numbers,

more word problems, writing numbers in words, adding multiple numbers

two digit addition and subtraction, with regrouping and borrowing

place values…and more!

third gradeThird Grade Skills:

multiplication times table, word problems, pre-algebra practice

division drills, fill in the missing digits, subtraction w up to four places

word problems, divide by larger numbers, divisibility rules, balance equations

and more!

fourth gradeFourth Grade Skills

numbers up to one million, properties of addition, estimation, reinforce multiplication

tables, properties of multiplication, multiply two digit numbers, harder word

problems, advanced long division, order of operations, multi-step problems

introduction to algebraic concepts,  fractions – unlike denominators and complex

fractions…and more!

fifth grade

Fifth Grade Skills:

Roman numerals, integers, working with decimals, converting fractions to decimals

numbers up to the billions, three digit multiplication, more long division, introduction to

number theory, factoring, least common denominator, reducing fractions, reciprocals

multiply fractions, divide fractions, algebraic variables and functions

…and more!


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