4,000 worksheets downloaded…word problems…and more on CCSS

Word ProblemWord problems:  You’ll start noticing this “word” icon appearing next to new worksheets on the grade 1 through 4 pages.  These are word problems – an important tool for reinforcing mathematics concepts.  I’ll be adding more word problems in the week to come but for now there are at least a few available.

Common Core State Standards:  I noted in an earlier post that since I currently live in Virginia and previously lived in Texas I had not been exposed to Common Core State Standards – either Virginia nor Texas have implemented CCSS.  But as I’ve added topics to this website I’ve increasingly started using the CCSS standards to organize the worksheets.  I find that even though the public school that my kids attends here in Virginia doesn’t subscribe to CCSS I can still make an almost one-to-one match between the topics they teach and the CCSS standards.  I haven’t yet formed an opinion on whether or not Virginia should join, but since this website gets visitors from all over I figure it it worthwhile to organize based on a universal standard.  I’d be interested in how topics are standardized in other countries…

Four thousand downloads:  Numbersheets.com hit this milestone this week.  My kids find this interesting – that I’m inflicting our family math worksheets on kids around the world who we’ll never even meet.  In a future graphing worksheet I’ll have to integrate a plot showing the website’s increasing traffic over time.

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