Math curriculum by grade varies from state to state

One of the questions that I wrestled with in building this website was how to group and organize the topics.  I ended up using grade level as the first sort.

Grade level can be a fairly arbitrary way of categorizing math topics.  Standards vary from state to state.  Implementation of the standards varies from within the state from school to school – and even in some cases from classroom to classroom.  I grew up in Texas and currently live in Northern Virginia, so I rely largely on the standards published by the State of Virginia, augmented by materials from Texas and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

But more importantly – all kids absorb and internalize information at different rates.  Indeed, that’s probably one of the reasons that parents visit a website like this one: they’re looking from material to reinforce the strengths and address those weaknesses that are unique to their kids.

So use the grade levels as a rough guideline – knowing that your particular state might be a bit different.  The important thing to remember is that at home you can move forward at whatever rate is appropriate for your student,.

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